V-STRONG ONE for Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram – 540 g chainset

V-STRONG ONE for Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram – 540 g chainset





• Chainset for racing bicycles made entirely from CNC-machined aluminium.
• Solid integrated chainring and spider, with the hub directly in contact with the right bearing and separate from the right crank arm (patented system).
• Chainring teeth designed to work with the main units on the market.
• Solid bottom bracket with SKF steel ball bearings.
• Solid bolts.
• Unique anti-corrosion treatment and finish applied to the whole chainset.
• Crank arm length: 170 – 172.5 – 175
• Q factor: 145 mm
• Chainline: 43.5
• Available chainrings: 50-34/52-36/53-39
• Weight: 540 grams excluding bottom bracket (weight: 540 g +/- 4% with 170 mm crank arms and the 50/34 chainring)


The new version of the V-STRONG ONE chainset represents the latest stage in the evolution of this innovative product. It was born in 2009 when the brothers Ivan and Walter Cavallaro, the heads of a small Cuneo company specialising in precision mechanics, created the OMC-ITALIA brand and introduced the world to a chainset with a solid one-piece chainring, separate from the right crank arm.
The V-STRONG ONE has continued to make a name for itself thanks to the use of aluminium alloys and CNC technology, which has been finely honed over the past twenty years.
The chainset has retained its oversized crank arm and one-piece chainring, which is totally separate from the right crank arm, but significant innovations have also been introduced for increased rigidity and to make the system much lighter.

The central spindle has undergone major changes, using second-generation OHS (Oversize Hollow Section) technology to significantly reduce the weight and increase its strength. The bearings are housed against two shoulders created specifically to avoid any sticking, especially when riding “en danseuse”, standing up on the pedals. The new conical/pentagonal spindle-chainring-crank attachment is designed to offer the greatest torque transmission without any significant reductions to the spindle.

The new rhomboid shape of the crank arms also ensures improved rigidity to better distribute the applied force.
The previous crank arm closure, which involved a lid glued on with epoxy resin, has been abandoned in favour of an innovative internal fastening. Like the spindle, the crank arm has been redesigned using second-generation OHS technology.

The unique shape of the chainring has allowed for weight savings of around 25%, giving the component significantly greater rigidity than the previous version. The entire chainring is made from a 7075 aluminium alloy, galvanically treated using hard anodic oxidation, which gives the component a high degree of wear resistance.
The monolithic chainring technology has evolved from the MAS (Monolithic Alloy System), marking the start of a second generation of equipment. Its “roulette” structure makes the larger gear wheel extremely rigid and reactive.
A separate spider is available with 110/130 mm bolt holes for users who want to install third-party chainrings.

With the V-STRONG ONE, you can change from a 53-39 chainring to a 50-34 chainring without messing around with five bolts or worrying about the bolt circle diameter.

With the V-STRONG ONE, you don’t need to worry about bolts shearing or seizing during assembly. The chainring is also more rigid because it is machined from a single block.

With the V-STRONG ONE, switching to a bicycle with a different bottom bracket is as simple as replacing the cups.


The chainset is compatible with 11-speed units (Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram). 
As far as the 10-speed Campagnolo unit is concerned, OMC ITALIA can no longer guarantee compatibility.
A version for the new 12-speed Campagnolo units is in the works.
With the larger gear wheel, the use of the last 2/3 larger rear pinions is impractical.