Bicycle accessories and spare parts in Cuneo

Bicycle accessories and spare parts in Cuneo

“If you believe in progress, choose a company that is always looking to the future: OMC Italia”

Founded by the Cavallaro brothers in 2005, OMC Italia was built on the back of decades of experience and a passion for cycling. By the time they started working on OMC, the brothers already owned “Officine Cavallaro”, a successful family-run company, which has completed a variety of projects for the Ministry of Defence and the aeronautical sector.

Located in Piobesi d’Alba in the province of Cuneo, a major hub for Italian cycling that has made several appearances on the Giro d’Italia route, OMC Italia sells increasingly innovative, functional and safe spare parts and accessories for racing bikes.


Bicycle accessories and chainsets

The innovative V-STRONG ONE chainset, backed by almost ten years of research, analysis and testing, is the first of its kind, featuring a one-piece boltless chainring, which is separate from the right crank arm. The set is extremely sturdy, easy to assemble/disassemble, 100% CNC machined and 100% MADE IN ITALY.


Not only are our products 100% Made in Italy, but the entire process takes place in our Italian plant in the province of Cuneo, where OMC Italia is able to monitor every stage of the production chain.

OMC Italia is neither a product assembler nor an importer: it is an independent company founded on safety, innovation and quality, which is always on the lookout for new technology to offer safe and cutting-edge products in the field of bicycle spare parts and accessories.

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