V-STRONG ONE for Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram


Only 540 gr.

Presented to EXPOBICI di Padua



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599,00 €


• CNC machined all aluminium crankset for racing bikes.
• Chainrings integrated with the spiderarms, made from a block of aluminium with hub directly in contact with the right bearing and independent from the right crank arm (patented system).
• Tooth crowns designed for operation with the main types of group available.
• Bottom brackets machined from billet with SKF steel ball bearings.
• Bushings machined from billet.
• Particular aesthetic and rust prevention treatment on the whole crankset.
• Crank arm length: 170 - 172,5 - 175
• Q factor: 145 mm
• Chain line: 43.5
• Available chainrings: 50 - 34 / 52 - 36 / 53 - 39
• Weight: 540 grams excluding crank axle
  (weight 540 gr +/- 4% with 170mm cranks and crown plateau 50/34)


The new version of the V-STRONG ONE crankset represents the evolution of an innovative product created in 2009 when the Cavallaro brothers Ivan and Walter, owners of a precision engineering firm in the Cuneo area of Italy, created the brand OMC-ITALIA and provided a world preview of the first crankset with chainwheel made from a single block independent from the right crank arm.
V-STRONG ONE has now confirmed itself as being an absolute leader in the use of aluminium alloys for its construction, using CNC machining technologies perfected by the Cavallaro brothers in their over twenty years experience.
While maintaining the oversize crankarm concept and the spiderarm block independent from the right crankarm, important
innovations have been introduced to increase the strength of the component and the whole system benefits from a lighter weight.

The central axle has undergone a complete redesign process.
The second generation O.H.S. Oversize Hollow Section technology has also been applied to this component. This has made it possible to reduce its weight significantly while increasing its rigidity.
The bearings are housed against two specially created blocks to prevent them from binding especially in extreme use when standing on the pedals.
The new cone shaped pentagonal housing axle-spiderarm-crank arm has been created to offer the best torque transmission without creating sudden section reductions of the axle.

The new crank arm design which is diamond-shaped has improved the rigidity of the component and thus distributes the applied weight better.
The previous system of closing the crank arm based on a glued cover using epoxy resins has been abandoned in favour of an internal procedure of structural union.
The crank arm combined with the axle completes the second generation O.H.S. technology.

The particular shape of the spiderarm means a weight saving of about 25% and gives the component a significantly higher rigidity than the previous version.
The whole plateau is made of Ergal 7075, galvanised using hard anodising oxidation at a thickness that gives the part a high degree of wear resistance.
The technology of the single block plateau separate from the M.A.S. (Monolithic Alloy System) crank arm also evolves to the second generation.
The “roulette” type structure makes the larger chainwheel extremely rigid and reactive. 
Independent chainring spider arm is available with 110mm bushing for those wanting to install oval teeth crowns or crowns with different teeth to the ones proposed in the single block.

With V-STRONG ONE you can rapidly change from a 53-39 chainring to a 50-34 one without the presence of five bushings and without the problem of the chain ring fixing bolts.

With V-STRONG ONE the inconvenience of finding the bushings shearing at the spiderarms, or binding when dismantling.
The spiderarm is also more rigid because it is machined from a billet in a single block.

With V-STRONG ONE changing from one bicycle to another with different crank axles requires nothing but replacing the crown
of the crank axle.


The crankset is compatible with 11-speed groups (Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM).
As regards the only group Campagnolo 10 speed OMC-ITALY ensures a limited compatibility.
With multiplies largest is impractical the use of the last 2/3 larger rear sprocket.

*OMC-ITALIA reserves the right to modify data, manuals and specifications concerning the product at its sole discretion and at any time.