The packages are usually prepared within 48 hours of order (subject to payment verification).
All merchandise is regularly checked and tested before shipping.
Travel packs with courier. 
Shipping charges include postage and packaging costs. 
Packaging costs are fixed, while those of carriage may apply, based on the total weight of the shipment. 
We suggest that you gather your items in a single order. We cannot combine two separate orders performed separately, and each child it will be applied to the shipping charges. 
The boxes have a reasonable size and your articles are well protected, particular attention is reserved for fragile items.


OMC - Italia recognises the right of withdrawal as provided for by law D.lgs. 206/2005 The term useful for exercising this right is of 14 days within which the customer must inform us by registered letter AR, prior contact by e-mail:

To take advantage of the right of withdrawal is necessary:

1. the customer expresses his willingness to avail themselves of the right of withdrawal in the manner described above. 
2. the purchased goods are returned undamaged and in original packaging. 
3. the product is delivered on time and in the manner described above. 
4. delivery expenses are charged to the customer. 
5. the goods once you have arrived at our warehouse, it will be examined to assess any damages or tampering not caused by transport. 
6. after checking the integrity of the goods, we will refund the sum already paid through the same way we have paid. 
7. the refund will be made no later than 30 days after receipt of the goods. 
8. the only charges payable by the customer are those relating to the return of the product. If the customer opts for the replacement of the product, the new product will be sent against him.